RCA is now Dormant

Thanks you to everyone who has taken part in RCA since March – we are now dormant as an organisation. A number of our volunteers are still helping out other organisations like the Ringwood Foodbank and doing some private shopping and dog walking.

However the need for us to provide centrally organised shopping and prescription deliveries, that was so pressing back in March, has now gone away as commercial organisations and other voluntary groups now have the capacity to handle the remaining people that need these.

We will remain dormant until the threat from Coronavirus has completely gone away – at which point we will wind up completely.

Our Number to Speak with one of our Volunteers

If you need medical assistance please visit 111.nhs.uk
9am to 5pm Monday-Friday leave a message outside these hours. We will call you back. 

Need Essentials Delivered?

Find a LOCAL Shop or Business that is offering a delivery service Direct to Your Home until we have our shopping service active.

Ask for help here..

Don’t be afraid to ask..

Help from our Volunteers.

Service available to people who have 'no other option'

Please check whether relatives, friends and neighbours can do this before requesting from us to keep our resources where they are needed most.. 

Meals on Wheels are available to those in need

No one around to help or worried about your food supplies?
Struggle with cooking or food prep?
Your normal help now not available or money issues?

Concerned about Yourself or a Loved One?

These Mental Health helplines and support groups can offer expert advice

URGENT Help for Vulnerable or Frail People

If you know of a Frail or Vulnerable person who do not have support from families, friends or their local community and they need URGENT assistance with practical issues they can call Hampshire County Council support line seven days a week – 9am-5pm

0333 370 4000

Please Volunteer Now

Thank you for visiting our site. if you’ve come here to volunteer, click on the Volunteer to Help link top right or picture. Hopefully things will move quickly such that there is more on this page as time goes on..

Meet Volunteer Eflie

Elfie (pictured) who was the first RCA volunteer to take a call on the helpline this week and is keen to help out as much as she can.  Elfie is also the first to don the distinctive Sapphire Blue RCA T-Shirt.  Volunteers collecting and delivering prescriptions and shopping will be wearing the T-Shirts and have lanyards with ID so they can prove their identity for your peace of mind and also if collecting or delivering prescriptions will also hold a DBS certificate

Guide to Staying Safe

Social Media is a great way to ask for HELP  but be very careful about what personal information you give out online or in person as there are dangers and you need to protect yourself……

Got an idea to share?

We would love any ideas or suggestions to help us all get through this together. 
Don’t hold back your idea may be the one that makes the difference to thousands of people.
Please click below to send us you suggestions


World Health Organisation

New Forest Council

UK Goverment

A group to co-ordinate volunteer assistance for those who are affected by the current Coronavirus situation in Ringwood and surrounding areas. 
We mainly plan to help out people who are self-isolating and so cannot leave their houses. People are free to ask for and volunteers are free to offer other kinds of assistance related to the impact of Coronavirus on local residents. In all cases we will follow government guidance. 
This group does not seek to replace our public services, who do an excellent and vital job. We augment what they can do for the benefit of residents.

Considering making a donation?

So many people need help as a result of Coronavirus and any amount you donate will help us to provide vital services.On behalf of everyone impacted – THANKYOU

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