PLEASE READ - Important Reminders for Call Handlers

Please make sure that people on the phone understand that you cannot commit RCA to anything - you are logging calls.

Please log all calls via our web form - click on this.

Please make sure that people on the phone understand that we are not an emergency service and we cannot deal with urgent requests. We aim to respond the next working day, but it could be up to 2 working days before we respond. Weekends and bank holidays may take us longer.

Vulnerable people who do not have support from families, friends or their local community, and who need urgent assistance with practical issues can try calling 0333 370 4000 (Hampshire residents) or 01305 221022 (Dorset residents) first - they might be able to respond quicker than us.

Advise people with medical problems including worsening Coronavirus symptoms (Fever, Persistent Dry Cough, Flu-like symptoms) to call NHS 111. If you suspect that an emergency response is required, please call 999 on behalf of the person.

callers can be advised of our current services but PLEASE keep checking back as these will change

Shopping Deliveries

We can shop for people from all Ringwood supermarkets. Please make sure that people have tried to use their relatives, friends and neighbours first and that they have also tried the various businesses that will do deliveries. Log their details, someone will call them back.
We will arrange payment after delivery and can take payment by bank transfer, credit/debit cards, cheques and cash.

Prescription Deliveries

Service now closed. Advise callers to try to arrange a delivery from their normal pharmacy, or if they can't (we've been advised that Lloyds can't do any more deliveries), phone Ringwood Pharmacy on 01425 837400 as they can deliver.

Pre-Prepared Food Deliveries

Not currently offered. Point callers towards takeaways or our website - click the burger above.

What about people who are worried about data protection?

We only will use people’s data for the purposes of managing volunteers and arranging assistance. Full policy available at

Caller would like to donate some money?

They can donate to help with running costs by going to the page
There is also a link on our home page or by bank payment to: Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance Ltd - Sort code: 23-11-85 - Account: 00297449

Dog Walking

We are not actively offering dog-walking but can put people in touch with volunteers if someone is really stuck. We would pair people up with a volunteer or two to walk their dogs - we would not be able to manage arrangements or provide any guarantees.

Non Urgent Errands

Not currently offered.

What can I do when I'm Handling Calls?

Can I chat to people?

Of course you can. Be polite and sympathetic. Don’t forget that any information passed could count as personal information and can only be used for the purpose of arranging assistance. This is the law. People can and have received large fines for breaking this

I need a break...

Take it! We have voicemail.

If you're having a difficult shift, don't hold it inside - get in touch with John Haywood - we have people available who can help.

Can I phone people back?

Yes you can, but be aware that your number might show on their phone. This can be prevented but different networks do this in different ways.

I feel unwell...

Stop taking calls and look after yourself. We have voicemail.

If you've had a difficult shift, don't hold it inside - get in touch with John Haywood - we have people available who can help.

‘Thank You’ so much for Your time and support. You make the difference 🙂