Medella Home Physiotherapy 

Phone:01425 490151

Email:We only provide home visits and our speciality is elderly and neurological rehabilitation.

Details:We only provide home visits and our speciality is elderly and neurological rehabilitation. Healthcare never stops and during this COVID-19 outbreak is no exception. We are taking additional infection control measures to ensure our clients (who are almost all high-risk) and staff are as protected as possible. We are trying to keep our case-load to a minimum and only seeing the clients that really need our input at this time for the minimum number of sessions possible to be effective in our input. Please call if you need advice and would like to book an appointment.We are particularly concerned about the physical and mental well-being of those who are self-isolating. If you are over the age of 80, 10 days of bed rest leads to the equivalent of 10 years of muscle aging. You may not be on ‘bed rest’ but self-isolation will probably mean you are not doing anywhere near as much as you usually would so deconditioning is a huge risk. 

In order to avoid deconditioning, we would recommend the following:Get up in the morning at your usual time Get dressed! – This is so important for mental health and if you are not as fit or older, may give you a bit of a work out!Get moving – every half an hour during the day, get up and move around Eat healthy – use this time to eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated Go outdoors – if you can, get outdoors in your garden – fresh air is wonderful and sunlight has so many benefits: is essential for vitamin D production which keeps bones strong (weak bones are more prone to breaking), it boosts serotonin levels (the ‘happy hormone’) which reduces depression. If you can’t get outdoors, open the windows – take some deep breaths and feel the sun on your face when it shines.Exercise – if you can and are still ‘allowed’, get outdoors to go for a walk. Otherwise, walk around your garden or do some gardening. If you can’t get out, there is plenty you can do in the house. We’ll be posting exercises for the elderly on our website very soon.